Accustic Arts Preamp 1 Balanced MKII


Hochwertiger Preamp 1 Balanced MKII vom deutschen Hersteller Accustic Arts. sehr guter optischer Zustand, technisch einwandfrei.

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Fully balanced premium preamplifier with professional extremely low distortion Class A output stage using technology derived from studio engineering. Premium quality ICs: selected Burr Brown� OPA 627 and OPA 2107 only. Magnetically shielded and encapsulated 75 VA toroidal core transformer of premium quality for high output reserves.Circuit topology optimized for very short signal paths. Extremely low distortion spectrum; e.g. K2=0.00007%. 3 x fully balanced inputs (XLR)/1 x unbalanced input (RCA). 1 x unbalanced input (RCA) configured as "SURROUND BYPASS"; optional this input can be configured as a standard high level input. 2 x fully balanced outputs (XLR) e.g. for "Bi-Amping" configurations. 1 x unbalanced output (RCA) e.g for a separate subwoofer. Premium quality relays and a premium quality switch with gold-plated silver contacts for the input selection. Encapsulated high grade volume potentiometer. Fully aluminium-made remote control. Full metal housing for optimum shielding.