NAT Magnetic Line Balanced Röhren Vorstufe


NAT Magnetic Line Balanced Röhren Vorstufe mit ausgelagertem Netzteil.

Inklusive originaler Holzkiste, Bedienungsanleitung und Metall Fernbedienung.



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Reference Zero Feedback Balanced Line Stage


Magnetic is a newest reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled, class A with zero feedback circuit configuration. Special selected vacuum tube is used - represent high technology in industrial tube manufacturing.




Both packs of active devices are of high grade and have high reliability.


Hand crafted wide-bandwidth output transformer (custom designed for NAT ) is used in this unit.


Open bandwidth of output transformer is from 1Hz – 700.000Hz. That is extremely excellent for high direct current single ended transformer coupled operation mode. Even the square wave response is near perfect that indicate high quality amplification. Output has separate selectable tap for single ended and balanced operation!


By specific technical approach mention output nano-crystalline core transformer with special selected vacuum tube may easy drive any type of interconnect even very long length cable.


Zero feedback concept is well known also as the best solution for purity of sound reproduction without negative influence from feedback circuit. There is no any capacitor on direct or indirect signal path - resulted to absolute zero feedback operation.


Attenuation is based on high reliability relay (pure silver with gold plated contacts) network that is computer controlled. There is 96 position of attenuation. Single laboratory grade resistor is on the signal path at any attenuator step.


Magnetic is equipped with remote control unit made from solid block of aluminum.


Power supply section also speak for itself. High capacity (approx. 500.000 uF of capacitance) supply is used as the best solution for power supply section. There is more then 550 joules of energy!


It is true dual mono construction - totally separate one channel from another.


There is separate voltage regulators for all additional (for non signal path) stages.


Sound quality is totally independent from line voltage instability and from negative influence of wide variety noise that could be coupled across.


There is a built-in measurement for total hours of preamplifier accumulated work (tube duration) that is presented by led diodes universal meter (led indicator on front panel).


Quality of electronic material that is used inside Magnetic is on high level - special selected superminiature military grade tubes, 0.1% with 5ppm Vishay resistors, high quality nano-crystalline transformer core, electrolytic capacitors of very high capacitance, gold plated teflon isolated connectors, silver-ofc PTFE input wiring…


Magnetic works properly at all world wide AC line voltage from 100 – 250 VAC, 50-60Hz (set in factory).





Technical Specification

Name Value

Type Zero Feedback Pure Tube

Operation Pure Single-ended (RCA) or Pure balanced (XLR)

Frequency Response 2 to 350 kHz, -3 dB; 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0.05dB

Noise 100 dB IHF reference to 1V

Gain 12dB (X 4) XLR output

THD & N <0.04 %

Input Impedance >20 kohms @ balanced (XLR) input

Output Impedance <300 ohms @ RCA, <500 ohms @ XLR

Stereo Separation near infinite (dual mono)

Polarity Status Invert phase (180 degree)

Power Requirements 100VAC to 240VAC (50 to 60 Hz), max. 20 VA

Dimensions 19" (483 mm) wide ´ 16” (400 mm) deep ´ 7.2" (185 mm) high

NET Weight Approx. 48 lbs (22 kg) unpacked

TOTAL Weight Approx. 70 lbs (32 kg) packed


Design Features

- transformer coupled circuit (without any capacitor on direct or indirect signal path)

- absolute zero feedback circuit

- approx. 500.000uF of capacitance in analog power supply section

- pure dual mono construction

- custom designed wide-bandwidth nano-crystalline core output transformers (with near perfect square wave response)

- vacuum special tubes by military spec. as well as N.O.S. grade

- vacuum tubes of N.O.S. (new old stock) grade-booster PY88 type

- separate transformators for digital control and analog supply

- relay network attenuation (shunt type realised with 56 relays)

- remote control made from solid block of aluminum

- all modulated chassis

- front panel made from 15mm thick aluminum material

- built-in measurement for total working hours of line stage

- teflon insulated gold plated connectors


NAT Audio Single Ended 805 Röhren Vollverstärker


60kg Kampfgewicht bringt der NAT Audio Single Ended 805 Röhren Vollverstärker auf die Waage.

50 feinste Trioden Watt machen auch Wirkungsgrad - Schwächere Lautsprecher glücklich.


NAT Audio wickelt sogar die Trafos selber!


Optisch und technisch im Bestzustand.


Weitere Infos in den Bildern sowie weiter unten.



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NAT Symbiosis SE Singel Ended Integrated Amplifier


Das Gerät gepflegt mit Gebrauchsspuren.

Die original Holzkiste für einen sicheren Transport ist vorhanden!

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The Symbiosis Se is integrated no compromise dual mono hybrid amplifier. There is only two tube and one transistor on signal path. Symbiosis Se contains all audiophile's demands such as last trend-pure single ended operation, without feedback but equipped with remote control unit and well designed DOT-MATRIX display on the front panel. Power output is 100W into 4ohms or 8ohms. 

Amplifier has external special switch(on the rear panel) to control bias of output stage (between 4&8 ohms). Recommended loudspeaker impedance must be from 2ohms to 16ohms. Driver stage contains special two double triodes capable to give voltage for output stage. Output stage is made from single high performance FET-industrial grade transistor capable to give peak current of 520A. Damping factor is high 200, yet zero feedback design. 

To avoid unnecessary heat from pure class A operation, Symbiosis Se use automatic adaptive bias. Such a product also eliminate miss match or expensive aspect for choosing interconnect cables to connect pre and power amplifier. Standard option Symbiosis Se is equipped with multi-function remote control made from solid block of aluminium. Output connectors - WBT. Attenuator section is made from high reliability relays with gold contacts. 

Technical Specification Type Single Ended Hybrid Zero Feedback Power 100 W @4 or 8 ohms Frequency Response DC to 200 kHz, -3 dB; 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0,05dB Noise 96 dB IHF reference to 1W Gain 35 dB (X 55) Phase status: invert (180 degree) THD & N <0.1 % Input Impedance > 15 kohms Stereo Separation > 95 dB @ 1 kHz Tube Complement 2 x 6N23P-EV, 2 x ECC85 per unit Output Impedance < 0.04 ohms (damping factor 200 reference to 8ohms load) Power Requirements 100VAC to 240VAC (50 to 60 Hz), max. 800 VA Dimensions 19" (483 mm) wide x 22.2" (565 mm) deep x 16.1" (410 mm) high NET Weight approx. 137 lbs (62 kg) unpacked TOTAL Weight approx. 181 lbs (82 kg) 

Nat Plasma R


Angeboten wird ein Nat Plasma R Röhren Vorverstärker im Neuzustand mit Restgarantie sowie kompletten Zubehör. Der Vorverstärker gilt bis 10.000,-€ Klasse als geheimtipp und ist mit seinen 17kg sehr wertig verarbeitet. Der Pre ist vollsymwetrisch aufgebaut und mit ganzen 10 Röhren bestückt!

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