Audes Orpheus Referenzlautsprecher


Großartiger Referenzlautsprecher von Audes.

Ausgefeilte 3 Wege Konstruktion mit besten Zutaten.

Abstimmbare Bassreflexkanäle erleichtern die Anpassung an den Raum.
Neuwertiger Zustand mit nur winzigen Gebrauchsspuren.


Technische Details:

  • Three-way loudspeaker with a bass reflex system;
  • Pyramidal shape;
  • Extremely rigid cabinet;
  • Complex internal bracing structure;
  • MDF-based cabinet with 25 mm wall thickness;
  • Side panels used as an additional reinforcement;
  • Side-firing woofer created to narrow the front speaker panel;
  • Separate isolated tweeter cabinet structure;
  • Mid-high crossover enclosed in a separate isolated chamber;
  • The world’s best audiophile components;
  • Point-to-point soldering between all crossover components. The crossover compartment is physically isolated in its own chamber and is accessible through the back panel;
  • The driver choice for the tweeter element was an impeccably accurate and absolutely astonishing Millennium tweeter by SEAS;
  • Audes created its own, custom-designed, proprietary mid-bass driver. This amazing unit features a paper cone, an aluminum die-cast basket frame along with a super powerful magnet.
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  • 160 kg
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