Hochwertiger DA-Wandler vom japanischen Hersteller CEC. Optisch und technisch in einwandfreiem Zustand. Zubehör und Originalverpackung vorhanden.

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The DA converter which Mr. Carlos Candeias designed. 

The digital input carries AEX/EBU (XLR), COAX (RCA), TOS, and a CEC super link. An input is connectable four-line simultaneous and remote control can also change it. 
DX71 carries four 24 bit DAC of the defined current bias type which zero crossing distortion does not generate theoretically, and the DAC unit consists of high degree-of-location modules. Moreover, IV converter has adopted the special circuit which made non-NFB possible, and has composition in which a clock signal does not cover load over IV converter. Furthermore, each stage has realized pure Class-A operation by the single-ended type of full balance composition. 

The super link which CEC newly developed is carried, and a SPDIF system is separated and transmitted for an audio data stream or clock data, without going via encoding,It has succeeded in generating a master clock on the best point nearest to DAC, carrying the digital data synchronization circuit which built in the ultra high-speed memory device, and essentially reducing a Jitter to a zero level. 

A signal is balance-ized with high precision on a digital stage, a distortion is reduced by half by the thorough parallel balance circuitry which carries 24 bits of four DAC, and signal-processing speed is increased. 
Moreover, the single-ended pure Class-A preamplifier is carried, and the drive of power amplifier is directly possible. Four high precision potention meter of 100 steps was carried in volume, and smooth volume control is realized by carrying out digital control of the resistance. 
Furthermore, the digital phase inverter (phase change) is built in and connection with overseas amplifier is also easy. 

Natural sound quality has been obtained without having adopted the high linearity flat filter without ringing in addition to the usual FIR digital filter, and also disturbing a pulsive ripple in a time-domain. 

In order to obtain a high-definition and dynamic play, the analog gauss filter of Miyoshi is adopted. 
This filter consists of only amplifier of one stage, and the filter characteristic is excellent in vibration suppression nature, and does not generate filter ringing. 

A digital part and an analog part separate a power-source part completely, and also the analog part is also making right and left separate. 
Furthermore, high-speed-izing of a power-source part and reduction of the noise level are aimed at by adopting the original establishment meter time constant amplifier [ have ] which carries a 130,000-micro F mass capacitor, and supply speed influences for the engine performance of a transformer or a capacitor. 
Moreover, independent loading of the time constant amplifier is carried out in each stage of digital one and an analog, and the capacity is super-low electron-spin resonance without frequency change, and has realized the theoretical value of 1,000,000 micro F or more. 

Rating of a mode
Form D/A converter
Digital input A coaxial (same axle), optical (light), AES/EBU (XLR) 
CEC super link (D-sub 9 pin)
Audio output Balanced type (XLR): Two lines 
Imbalanced type (RCA): Two lines (a fixed output and variable output)
DAC 24 bits, 32kHz - 100kHz correspondence
Dimensions Width 435x height 105x depth of 310mm
Weight 10kg
Attachment CEC super link cable 
Remote control