Shanling SCD-200


Super Audi CD  Player von Shanling in gutem Zustand mit nur leichten Gebrauchsspuren. Der SCD-200 ließt Alben blitzschnell ein und spielt CDs wie auch SACDs einwandfrei ab. Leider ist das Display aber defekt!!

Die original Metall-Fernbedienung ist im Lieferumfang enthalten.


Technische Informationen:

High Performance Super Audio CD Player
Fantastic reviews from across the Globe Top loading mechanism based on Sony KHM-280AAA pick-up/servo system housed in a custom heavy duty aluminum chassis
Premium-grade Sony CXD2753R is employed for SACD decoding
PCM1738 all-rounder DAC chip exclusively developed by Burr-Brown for SACD playback
4 x OPA627AR used for I/V conversion and 2 x OPA2604 for low pass filtering and output circuitry
Reed magnetic contact system senses and performs disc loading/unloading
Unit provides variable tube line output and headphone monitor output jack
High precision PGA2311 electronic volume control used for output attenuation
Analog circuitry: 2x 6N3 dual triodes tubes
Tubes 2x 6N3 dual triode, headphone amplifier output with phono socket
100 step digital electronic volume control with setting stored during power off
Adjustable display brightness
Metal facia full function remote control

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