Audioquest Amazon XLR


Ein Paar XLR Verbindungskabel von Audioquest aus der River Serie.

Länge: 1 Meter.

Guter Zustand mit nur kleinen Gebrauchsspuren.

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  • 2 kg
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Audioquest Water RCA Cinchkabel


Referenzkabel aus der Elements Serie von Audioquest.

Einwandfreier Zustand, volle Funktion.

Länge: 1 Meter

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Audioquest Niagara 72V DBS


Das Niagara Cinch Kabel befindet sich in einem neuwertigen Zustand.


Designed for the world’s best systems, Niagara is simply stunning. A delicious combination of technology and innovation, Niagara will astonish even the most jaded of listeners.

Fast, light and airy, Niagara flows with the music as if it was a partner. Deep, powerful and explosive, Niagara will unlock the performance hidden inside any audio component. Quiet, soulful and relaxed, Niagara allows a deeper look into any recording, revealing nuance and subtlety hitherto unheard.

Similar in construction to Colorado, Niagara features the same Cold-Weld connectors, Noise-Dissipation System, 72V DBS system and FEP Air Tubes. The only difference is a metal upgrade to Audioquest’s Perfect Surface Silver conductors.

Although this might seem an incremental upgrade, those who’ve heard PSS understand that this is no small improvement. PSS offers outstanding resolution, with far greater clarity and speed than copper conductors. Put simply, Niagara allows a more complete view of the original performance.

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