Meridian Stereo Power Amplifier 226


Kompakte Endstufe von Meridian.

Maße 160x70x310mm

Stabile 2x35 Watt, aber hervorrangender Klang wenn die Leistung reicht.

Einige kleine Gebrauchsspuren am Gehäuse, volle Funktion.

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Type: Two channel power amplifier

Dimensions: W 381 mm, D 355 mm, H 80 mm incl. feet W 15", D 14", H 3" (approx)

Weight: 5.2 kg / 11.4 lb

Input connectors: RCA Phono

Output connectors: 4 mm Banana / Binding post

Fuse rating: 250 V, T10 A

Mains input range: 100-120 Vac ; 220-240 Vac

Mains frequency range: 50 – 60 Hz

Input power max. continuous: 300 W

Input power standby: 10 W

Gain. Adjustable for AKTIV (dB): 25.6, 26.6, 27.6, 28.6*, 29.6, 30.6, 31.6, 32.6

Input impedance: 7K5 

Input level for clipping: 755 mV rms 

Harmonic distortion: < 0.01%

Maximum output power (per channel): 100 W rms into 4 ; 56 W rms into 8

Load tolerance: Unconditionally stable into all loudspeaker loads

Frequency response: 1.4 Hz to 41 kHz

Peak output voltage: 28.9 V

Meridian Sooloos Control, Store One, Source One


Meridian Sooloos Control, Store One, Source One Streaming System.

Einwandfreier, neuwertiger Zustand mit Originalverpackung.

Control ohne Festplatte.

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Meridian G68J


Hervorragend klingender Surround und Stereo Vorverstärker mit grandiosem DA-Wandler an Bord. Vier Jahre jung im top Zustand mit allem Zubehör. Wurde vom Vorbesitzer nur als Stereo Preamplifier genutzt. Neupreis 5800€

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G68J Surround Controller 

Analogue audio inputs - 1 x six-channel, 5 x two-channel (configurable), No tuner 

Digital audio inputs - 2 x six channel MHR Smart Link (configurable), 6 x coaxial, 2 x optical 

Audio outputs - 10 channels digital for Meridian DSP Speakers, 6+2 channels analogue

Meridian 500 + 566


Audiophile CD Laufwerk-Wandler-Kombi von Meridian. Beide Komponenten sind sehr schön erhalten und funktionieren einwandfrei.

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Technische Daten:

Meridian 500:

Clock accuracy +/- 20ppm.

Display Eight character display for track, time,

and index.

Finish Black textured enamel and glass.

Dimensions 88mm x 321mm x 332mm

(3.46" x 12.64" x 13.07").

Weight 6.4kg (14lbs).

Outputs Digital: co-axial, 500mV p-p.

Optical: EIAJ.

AES/EBU: XLR connector.

Communications Two 5 pin 240° DIN sockets.

Consumption 20VA

Meridian 566:


20-bit dynamic range

Linearity: better than –96dBFS

Jitter for 44.1kHz sampling, typically 1ps rms.

Inputs and outputs

3 phono digital inputs; 32kHz–48kHz

1 AES/EBU XLR digital input; 32kHz–48kHz (Parallel with D1)

1 Toslink optical input; 32kHz–48kHz

All digital inputs accept up to 20-bit precision

Audio outputs 4V nominal balanced (XLR) and 2Vunbalanced (phono)


Twin PLL; word-aligned for lowest jitter

Absolute Phase control

Precision Class A discrete audio amplification

Analogue de-emphasis network

High quality construction including use of partitioned 4-layer PCB, and precision capacitors.

On-board control microprocessor with non-volatile memory.

Full 500 Comms for system integration with Meridian components.

Rear-panel control for: Power On/Off

Front-panel controls and indicators for: Inputs (D1, D2, D3, Optical), Phase, Emphasis

Dimensions 88mm (3.46in) H, 321 (12.64) W, 332 (13.07) D - Weight 5kg (10lbs)