Tom Evans Linear A MKII Hybrid Tube Trioden Endstufe


Super seltene Gelegenheit eine Tom Evans Linear A MKII Hybrid Tube Trioden Endstufe zu ergattern.

Bekam vor 2,5 Jahren das MKII Upgrade mit den Pure - Copper - Binding Posts. 


Der Guru Tom Evans hat mit einer ausgetüftelten Schaltung in Hybrid Technik sein Können mal wieder bewiesen.

25 Trioden - Watt stehen zur Verfügung, wobei diese eher gefühlte 100 - 150 Transistor - Watt leistet!!


6.700,00 €

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  • 45 kg
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Summing up the Linear A

I have to congratulate Tom Evans on what is truly a remarkable achievement in amplifier design. This chap is one of the true innovators of modern audio and marches to the beat of his own drum. His Linear A sounds better and plays music better than any SET amplifier in my experience - by a substantial margin. Coming from an SET devotee like me, I hope you realize the high level of praise that represents.



The design of his Linear A is much more extraordinary than its plain appearance would suggest, hiding as it does the composite 10 design with eight EL84s and op-amp drivers.

EL84s are cheap and easy to come by, quite unlike some of the exotic direct-heated triodes. And unlike many single-tube triode amps, the Linear A is powerful enough to drive medium-efficient real-world loudspeakers.



How about downsides? The looks here aren't likely to incite passion in too many folks and shielded interconnects become a must. Really, the only major downside of this amplifier is that at $8500, I can't afford one. I thought about loans, selling one of my guitars, living without any creature comforts, munching on oatmeal and other crazy ideas. I finally came to my senses but it was a struggle. If you can afford a Linear A and have reasonably sympathetic speakers to match its power, I cannot imagine you being anything other than deliriously happy.



The Linear A is simply the finest amplifier I have encountered in all my years in audio but that's just the start of this story. There's a lot more to talk about when it comes to Tom Evans' innovative products. Watch for upcoming reviews of the Vibe preamplifier with the optional Pulse power supply and the Groove Plus phono stage.