Pioneer SX-5590 Black / SX-1250


Sehr seltene europäische Version des Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver im schicken Schwarz mit der Bezeichnung SX-5590. Mit 31kg und einer Leistungsentfaltung von 200W/ 4Ohm ein kräftiges vintage Kerlchen. Die schwarze Front ist super erhalten, das Plexiglas wird im Zuge des technischen Service noch gereinigt. Leider haben die Kühlrippen starke Lackfehler.

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Pioneer model SX-5590 AM/FM stereo receiver in very good condition. Rated at 160 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms and 200 watts RMS into 4 ohms. It has been serviced and fully tested. Our original Performance Verification Report included as well as a copy of the SX-1250 owner's manual.


The SX-5590 is the European version of the SX-1250. Sections of the front panel are black instead of silver, the dial is black with white lettering and the meters are a silver color. Otherwise, they are identical models. The European versions were not exported to the U.S. They had to be brought back to the U.S. by the owner from Europe. They are much rarer in this country than the standard models.


Toroidal Power Transformer

Step Attenuator Volume Control

Massive Dual Power Supply with Step-Start Circuit

Fully Shielded FM Section and 5-Gang Tuning Capacitor



The SX-1250 was introduced in 1976 as Pioneer's top-of-the-line receiver. It reflected Pioneers new styling of matching silver tuning dial with white background signal strength and stereo signal meters. It was Pioneer's most powerful and feature-laden receiver that year, capable of pumping out 160 watts per channel. It was beautifully finished in walnut veneers and solid walnut trim. It had a list price of $900.00 (thats $3704.00 in today's dollars) and tipped the scales at 65 pounds.


The SX-1250's beauty was more than skin-deep. As Pioneer's best receiver, the engineers lavished a major design engineering budget in designing it. With the covers off, you can see the careful and logical layout of the receiver's hefty toroidal transformer and four massive capacitors, flanked by the component circuit boards. Pioneer designed large wrap-around heatsinks to dissipate the SX-1250's full-tilt operating temperature.


The SX-1250 was the largest receiver Pioneer had ever built up to that time. The view with the cover off shows why: the engineers needed every square inch they could get to package the components. The receiver measured 22.0 inches wide, 18.75 inches deep, and 7.50 inches high.


The quality, power and good looks of this receiver not only made it a popular choice for buyers in 1976 and 1977 when it was offered, it is one of the most sought-after Pioneer receivers today.