Crysler / Living Audio CE-2ac II


Selten gut erhaltene Living Audio Vintage Lautsprecher aus 1969. Die CE-2ac II wurden an den Frequenzweichen komplett und professionell überarbeitet. Verbaute Weichenteile sind unter anderem Black Gate Kondensatoren, alles originalgetreu nach Spezifikation restauriert.

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The encapsulated type speaker system of three ways. 

A 30cm corn type unit is adopted as low-pass. 

Moreover, the multi-seller phone is carried in the inside region and the high region, respectively. 

The enclosure is a product made from hard plywood, the portions of 30mm thickness and others are 21mm thickness, and the baffle plate serves as walnut finishing. 

The level control is carried. 

In CE-2acII, the dividing control equipment for channel amplifier is newly carried. 

Rating of a mode


System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type

Use unit For low-pass: 30cm corn type 

For inside regions: Phon type 

For high regions: Phon type

Impedance 8ohms

The maximum input 50W

Play frequency band 25Hz - 20000Hz

Output sound pressure level 101dB/W

Crossover frequency 800Hz, 5000Hz (12, 6, 12 dB/oct)

Dimensions Width 365x height 600x depth of 300mm

Weight 16.5kg



Segawa Fuyuki


Stereo sound No. 16 (issued in September 1970) 

than feature - "a listening test of the speaker system latest 53 models"


 Whereas from each product of underlying this are unified in the same cone type mid speaker, in order to have adopted the squawker of horn type in 1ac, with a little different nuance and each of the other series there. In other words, CE1 and 5 and 6, yet energetic good bright tone, compared to have an inner softness of tightness, tone of 2ac / II is a little hard, the designation of at least the level set In the position, there was a thing that sounds sometimes hard the strings and voice by the song. The other hand, felt that it was dull in tone compared to the other three models, with no roughness and turbidity, the beauty of the clear Hamonii intended stunning, the tone horn unit within that Yuku crowded sounded has been Nere whether, and rounded softness of the corner came in sight glanced. If it's going to he more better if Tsukaikome, it must be quite a sound quality.



large organization: ★★★ 

small organization: ★★★★ 

solo: ★★★ 

Vocal: ★★★ 

quality of sound: ★★★★ 

balance of sound: ★★★★ 

range of size: ★★★★ 

Efficiency: ★★★ 

Design: ★★★★ 

cost performance: ★★★★ 


Legacy Audio Studio HD


Technisch ausgefuchster Monitorlautsprecher des amerikanischen Herstellers Legacy.

Bass und Höhen anpassbar, deshalb in vielen Raumgrößen und Situationen einsetzbar.

Nahezu neuwertiger Zustand mit nur zwei winzigen Kratzern.

Mit Bedienungsanleitung und Originalverpackung.


Hervorragender Test im vielen Tips des Herstellers im renommiertesten High End Magazin der Welt Stereophile:

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