Tube Technology Seer Phono


Röhrenvorstufe mit hochwertiger Phono-Sektion von Tube Technology, made in England. 

Zuckersüßer Röhrenklang für überschaubares Geld! 

Technisch einwandfrei, optisch nur minimale Gebrauchsspuren.


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Seer - 'one who sees the future' First in the audio chain after the source the Seer 'sees'  all that will be heard and conveys its musical truth.  The Seer offers the enthusiast a high standard compact and  versatile all tube preamplifier.


Seer Line

- with five inputs, as a line-level only model  The line stage is designed using similar circuitry techniques  employed by its two box counterpart the Prophet preamplifier,  but utilizing a different tube and a less exotic power supply.  Each line channel utilizes a low noise double triode operated  in single ended class A. With a minimum of coupling components  between stages the circuit achieves a very wide bandwidth of  5 Hz to  115kHz, providing admirable results with high quality  CD players.


The non-buffered output is suitable for driving medium lengths  of inter-connects giving meritorious results in systems where  the Seer would be the sole tube amplifier component, conveying  a natural musical tonal balance to ones system, especially  popular used with solid-state power amplifiers.


All inputs are hard wired for maximum signal transfer and  high quality gold plated RCA phono sockets are mounted on  a non-magnetic back-panel for minimum interference.  All circuitry is mounted on a double sided 3/32 fibreglass pcb  with 3oz copper tracks and combining elegant circuit layout  and high quality components such as gold plated tube bases  1% tolerance metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors,

the Seer presents music with excellent clarity unusual for  tube preamplifiers in this price range.


The power supply incorporates a high quality potted toroidal  power transformer together with a solid state regulated heater  supply and hum filtered high tension supply. This low noise  supply allows the Seer to work at maximum gain with an  absence of background noise especially useful when listening

to the phono input.  All the electronics are housed in a fully screened chassis and  to compliment its elegant lines the front panel is machined  from solid 6mm aluminium billet with a brushed anodised finish.

Tube Technology Prophet mit Phono


Röhrenvorstufe mit hochwertiger Phono-Sektion von Tube Technology, made in England. 

Großartiger Röhrenklang für überschaubares Geld.

Dual Mono Aufbau mit feinsten Bauteilen und PCOCC Freiverdrahtung.

Sehr rauschfrei und dynamisch aufgrund des externen Netzteils.

Technisch einwandfrei, optisch kleine Gebrauchsspuren.


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