Marantz PM-14 MKII KI Signature


Marantz PM-14 MKII KI Signature Vollverstärker aus Sammlerhand im Bestzustand.

Inklusive Originalverpackung, Fernbedienung und Unterlagen. 

Technisch überholt!


Klanglich abgestimmt von der Hifi Legende Ken Ishiwata.



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Integrated amplifier Marantz PM-14 MKII KI. Introduced for the first time at the end of year 1999, and at that time it was the heaviest, the most advanced and the most expensive gear from Marantz. Although it cost a fortune (6300DM) ,it was still cheaper, than Accuphase or McIntosh and the performance, luxurious touch and quality of assembly was pretty much the same. From outside the PM-14MKII KI looks similar to the former PM-14, but inside it has been improved under the watchful eye of Ken Ishiwata.

Disassembling the aluminium top- and double-layer copper bottom-cover and taking a look inside the machine makes it clearly understandable, why it is so heavy. It’s amazing how damn well the guys from Marantz have designed it. Every single part of the amp, including the aluminum housing is a separately engined module, put together with hundreds of copper screws. The whole electronic stuff sits in a heavy, pure copper frame.

Marantz PM-14MKII KI

The hearth of the amp is a massive toroidal power transformer, supported by 2 Elna main power caps with a total capacity of 30000uF (power amp stage) and 4x2200uF Elna Cerafine caps (preamp stage). Furthermore there are 2 independent heat sinks distributing the heat from high power, copper shielded Sanken power resistors. Each channel has it’s own PCB equipped with extra shielded HDAM module and some additional power, accumulated in 2x4700uF Elna power caps. The Phono and CD (XLR and RCA) stage share the same circuit board, larded with a lot of Elna 1000uF caps. All other in- and outputs have a separate PCB, the same concerns the volume control PCB (fully motorized Alps potentiometer + a pair of HDAM modules) and speaker terminals PCB. Briefly speaking it’s a pure high-end at it’s best.