Technics SE-A2000


Schön erhaltene und einwandfrei funktionierende kräftige Endstufe mit attraktiven VU-Meter von Technics.

Die SE-A2000 leistet 2 x 160W an 4 Ohm und wiegt 22kg.

Die passende SU-C2000 Vorstufe haben wir ebenfalls auf Lager!

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  • 25 kg
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Technics SE-A3


Mit einer Leistungsaufnahme von max. 2,2KW und 45kg Lebendgewicht eine der größten damals produzierten Endstufen von Technics. Optisch und technisch einwandfreier Zustand. Mit Originalverpackung und Bedienungsanleitung.

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  • 60 kg
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  • 3 - 5 Tage Lieferzeit1

Technics SE-A5000


Kräftige japanische Endstufe von Technics in technisch einwandfreiem Erhaltungszustand. Optisch sicherlich eine der schönsten Serien aus dem Hause Technics. Eine adäquate SU-A3000 Akku Vorstufe haben wir ebenfalls auf Lager. Es handelt sich um ein original japanisches 100V Gerät! Ein kräftiger Step-Down Converter ist verfügbar.

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Form Stereo power amplifier

Output power 240W+240W (4 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.002%) 

200W+200W (6 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.001%)

THD 0.0007% or less (20Hz - 20kHz-3dB, 8ohms)

Output bandwidth 5Hz - 100kHz (cpo-3dB, 0.01%, 8ohms)

Frequency characteristic 0.8Hz-150kHz+0 -3 dB 


S/N ratio (IHF66) 120dB

Dumping factor 120 (8ohms)

Input sensitivity/impedance 1.2V/47kohm

Meter indication precision ±3dB (-40dB or more) 

±5dB (less than -40dB)

Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption 400W

Dimensions Width 484x height 207x depth of 475mm

Weight 34.0kg


Stereo power amplifier which compiled the circuitry technology of technics into one book, such as classAA amplifier of a VC-4 amplifier stream composition. 


The classAA scheme is adopted as circuitry, voltage control amplifier and electric-current drive amplifier are carried in a right-and-left channel, and it has VC-4 amplifier composition which consisted of a total of four sets of amplifier. 

The voltage control which determines an audio property serves as a differential-amplification input stage by a one chip Dual FET, and first class amplifier of the Darlington stream composition with the output transistor of Pc150Wx2ch, and has realized the low distortion for which the threshold of a measuring instrument is pressed. 

Moreover, electric-current drive amplifier which drives a speaker,It consists of a high-slew-rate swing amplification stage which allotted the feed-forward type bootstrap power supply by the FET difference input, and an output stage of Pc450Wx2ch and four-step Darlington which uses the output transistor of 3 parallel. An electric current for this to obtain powerful power is supplied at the high speed 50A/mus. 


A total of three transformers of two power transformers for electric-current drive amplifier of each right-and-left channel and one transformer for voltage control amplifier of a right-and-left channel are carried in the power-source part. And it has perfect symmetry composition which carried out thorough exclusion of the cross interferencee of a right-and-left channel. Moreover, the mass electrolytic capacitor with a total capacity of 89,400 micro F is carried. 

In the power transformer, while each uses an oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line, the regulation excellent in giving the high-density and efficient technology by a full sort coil method is realized. Furthermore, this power transformer is enclosed by the special resin in the magnetic shielding case of three-fold total, and adoption and the interval of the concentrated power block enable an equipment oscillation and very little play of electrical noise. 


The original concentrated power block which unified the output stage and the power-source part with the skillful stream composition is adopted, and the distortion of a high region by electromagnetic induction is canceled. 


The 2mm thickness insulator rubber at a top plate (thick and 2.3kg), the high-rigidity chassis of 2mm thickness, and the bottom face of a transformer etc. is adopted 3mm, and the magnetic radiation and the equipment oscillation are held down. moreover -- using the punching network with a high open aperture ratio for a top plate and a sole plate -- an original efficient radiator -- the high heat-dissipation effect has been acquired with the large-sized insulator (high and phi60mm) 20mm. 


Low-pass resolution is raised with LC-OFC and the OCC code which adopted the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper bus bar of thickness 2mm.10mm width as the earth line, and were adopted as product-line material. 


The electronic formula speaker selector is adopted. 

The golden cladding contact is used for a change relay, and a light feeling of an operation and a high robustness are acquired. Moreover, the last one memory functionality in which after the power source off holds the description of a selector is carried. 


The large-sized power meter which can carry out a Direct reading from 0.0001W to 300W is carried. 

Moreover, the bronze glass of 10mm thickness is used for a front. 


VC-4 indicator which can check an operation of voltage control amplifier and electric-current drive amplifier is carried. 


DC / normal input terminal which plated with gold is adopted. 


The 37 core OCC power cord is adopted as a power cable. 

Technics SE-A3


Mit einer Leistungsaufnahme von 2,2KW und 45kg Lebendgewicht eine der größten damals produzierten Endstufen von Technics. Rückwand leicht eingedrückt. Technisch einwandfreier Zustand.


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Leistungsaufnahme 2,2KW

Frequenzbereich DC-300Khz

2x320W an 4Ohm 20hz- 20Khz gemessen wurde diese sogar mit 460Watt Dauerleistung in einer Fachzeitschrift

2x200W an 8Ohm 20hz- 20Khz mit 350Watt Dauerleistung

THD -3dB 0,008%

TIM- nicht meßbar

S/N 110dB


Kanaltrennung (1Khz) >70dB