Beyerdynamic DT-990


Beyerdynamic DT-990 Kopfhörer.

Mit 3m Verlängerungskabel.

Gebrauchter Zustand, gute Funktion.



89,00 €

  • 2 kg
  • verfügbar
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Destiny Aristaios MKII


Feiner, kleiner Röhren Kopfhörerverstärker.

Verbesserte MKII Version mit zwei Eingängen.

Neu, nur winzige Lagerspuren.




189,00 €

  • 5 kg
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RudiStor Egmont Röhren Stax SRM Lamda Kopfhörerverstärker


Gut erhaltener RudiStor Egmont Röhren Kopfhörerverstärker für Stax Kopfhörer.

Hochwertige Röhrenbestückung Psvane cv181-t und Gold Lion Genalex.



1.150,00 €

  • 9 kg
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AudioValve Solaris-DAC Kopfhörerverstärker


Der Solaris – DAC von AudioValve ist ein High-End Kopfhörerverstärker, der sämtlichen Kopfhörern zu einem neuen Level der Wiedergabe verhilft. Darüber hinaus ist er extrem anschlussfreudig. (Dr. Mertens – EAR-IN – Mai 2018)


Audio Valve Solaris-DAC  – State-of-the-Art – more than just a headphone amp!


The latest 2018 version. Based on the concept of Audio Valve’s Luminare, the form and equipment of Solaris has been adapted to RKV 3. In addition to extended features like balance-control, more inputs and a remote control which has been integrated for volume, the front plate of Solaris now has the same connection options as Luminare while offering twice the performance on all outputs which on average is 8-12 watt per channel, depending on the headphones‘ impedance.

Solaris-DAC is the logical synthesis of Luminare and RKV 3 and reflects perfectly what the Audio Valve team defines as STATE-OF-THE-ART product in the premium class of headphone applications when talking to a number of customers worldwide.

The Solaris-DAC is more than just a headphone amp, it’s more like a Swiss Army Knife in the Audio World, a full-fledged desktop system. It provides inputs for all sorts of headphones including Stax, analog inputs, USB input for music server and computer, MM phono input, pre-amp out for power amps, direct speaker output for high sensitive loudspeaker…

..and THE ONE AND ONLY headphone amplifier on the market that is able to drive all standard headphone loads, starting from 3 Ohm up to 145 kOhm and speakers too.


5.590,00 €

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