COS H1 DA Wandler/Kopfhörerverstärker


Sehr hochwertige Kombination aus DA Wandler und KH Verstärker.

Einer der besten, zahlreiche Preise und Auszeichnungen.

Neu, unbenutzt, neueste Software, vollständiger Lieferumfang.


6 Moons:

H1 for the Hot One. If the H1 were a cable, it'd be an Ocellia OCC Silver. If the H1 were a competing DAC/headfi amp, it'd be a Goldmund Telos HPA with analog not digital volume. If the H1 were a headphone, it'd be a Final Sonorous X. If the H1 were a loudspeaker, it'd be a Voxativ 9.87 Pi system. But since the H1 is actually COS Engineering's 3-in-1 (a very well-built and pretty DAC, headphone amp and minimalist preamp with single line output sans remote), it's really a Blue Moon award. Well done and well worth the wait!



2.500,00 €

1.360,00 €

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Tests und Referenzen:



6moons Blue Moon Award: "A Superb DAC/Headfi/Minimalist Preamp 3-in-1."


2017 BEST BUDGET Award from Audio Art Magazine.


HiFi Knight: "Springy, energetic, well-textured, and above all, present at low end."


U-Audio: "The sound H1 renders is clean, posh and pure--great for all kinds of music." (content in Chinese)


HeadFonia: "Its detailed and textured high-range really makes you feel there."


Stereo-head: "Excellent medium range with a good musicality and excellent vocal performance, extremely natural and enjoyable. The high range is extended, open and bright without excess or sibilance." (content in Italian)