Red Rose Music Model 3a Reference Tube Preamplifier Mark Levinson


Sehr seltener Red Rose Music Model 3a Reference Tube Preamplifier, made by Mark Levinson!

Insbesondere die hier angebotene 3a Version der Mark Levinson Röhren Geräte ist äußerst selten und kaum zu bekommen. Die Red Rose 3a war eine der aktuellsten und zuletzt konstruierten Röhren Vorstufe, dieses leider nur kurz auf dem Markt befindlichen Highend Herstellers.


Hochmusikalischer, involvierender Röhrenklang garantiert!



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Red Rose Model 3a


Mark Levinson promised to make the finest sonic quality available to the wider audience. His new com¬ pany, Red Rose Music, offers products, which fulfill this commitment. These new products are affordable, compact and easy to use. Red Rose Music's new range of ribbon speakers and vacuum tube products are destined to become modern classics. Audio designer Victor Tiscareno, in combination with ideas from Mark Levinson, provides stunning advances in sonic performance.

Starting with an unusually linear, all vacuum tube signal path and employing edge-of-the-art design and construction techniques, the Model 3a line level preamplifier presents an unusually high degree of musical integrity from source to amplification. Carefully auditioning, hand selection and individual matching of active and passive components further insures musically faithful reproduction of the source.

From the gracefully sculpted exterior and the elegantly conceived and executed circuitry, the Model 3a is a physical extension of our desire to provide the most musical satisfying experience possible.


The Model 3a line level preamplifier is ideally used with the Model 2a and a pair of the stunningly beautiful Rosebud II loudspeakers. The Rosette 2 phono preamplifier or a SACD player is available for listeners who want provide superlative sonic results with vinyl playback.


Design Details and Features Technical Specifications

Operational Characteristics: Class A

Gain Architecture: All vacuum tubes signal path

Power Supply Architecture:

• Detachable RFI / EMI shielded external power supply

• 11 discreet FET regulated- All gain stages individually regulated buffered

• EMI / RFI power line filtration using AudioPrism's pro¬ prietary Quiet-line® technology

Input Connections: Single-ended, gold plated. Teflon® in¬ sulated, line-level inputs for Phono (line-level) CD, Tuner, Video and Tape

Output Connections: Two pairs of single ended, gold plated Teflon® insulated, outputs for the connection of multiple amplifiers

Control Section: Five-position input selector, dual stepped volume control using precision metal film resistors (only two resistors in the signal path at any position) Operation selector for on, mute and standby (designed to extend tube life) All control switches are amperage, low-loss construc¬ tion with silver-plated contacts. Source selector switches both ''hot" and ground simultaneously.

Internal Construction: All circuit boards are vibration iso¬ lated, glass-epoxy, copper-traced full ground plane design active components are hand selected and matched-internal wiring is OFC copper-each channel is separated from input to output for shortest signal path and maximum isolation.

Tube complement: (2) 6DJ8, (2) 12AU7 or 5814

Frequency Response: 3.5 Hz -300 kHz ± 3 dB (0 dB attenuation)

Gain: 20 dB @ 1 kHz

Total harmonic Distortion: <.15% @ Ivolt Input impedance: 20 kQ Output impedance: 220Q

Signal to noise: >90 dB (Ivolt @ 100 kQ, 95 dB typical)

Stereo separation: > 90 dB from 10 Hz to 100 kHz

Channel Balance: .2 dB maximum

Maximum Input Voltage: 7 volts RMS

Maximum output Voltage: 17 volts RMS

(0 dB attenuation, 1.3 volts RMS input, 1% THD)

AC power requirements: 120 VAC (100-'240V available upon request)



Height: 3.92inches (9.96 cm)

Width: 17.00 inches (48.26 cm)

Depth: 12.50 inches (44.45 cm)

Weight: 14.0 lbs. net (5.45 kg)

Power Supply:

Height: 3.0 inches (7.62 cm)

Width: 5.0 inches (12.70 cm)

Depth: 10.50 inches (4.60 cm)

Weight: 10.0 lbs. net (4.60 kg)