Tannoy Ascot T-145 10" Dual Concentric System


Schön erhaltene 10" Ascot T145 Vintage Monitore von Tannoy in der seltenen schwarzen Ausführung.

Wie von Tannoy gewohnt, involvierendes und angenehmes Klangbild mit hervorragender Tiefenstaffelung.


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  • 25 kg
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Domestic Hi-Fi required smaller cabinets in the 80's and so a smaller 10" unit with a revolutionary Polyolefin vacuum formed cone piston was developed with very low coloration, high compliance and power handling and wide dispersion and launched in 1978 as a replacement to the Arden - Eaton range: T225 Mayfair, T185 Dorset, T165 Chester and T145 Ascot all using 2528 Dual Concentric drivers.  


Tannoy dual concentric drivers have always been very expensive to make  

(12 quality control stamps for each 10"/12" driver); in manufacturing process 24-27% of drivers did not meet strict Tannoy specification and were recycled  


Dual concentric Tannoy are the speakers of choice for Royal Family of England and mean proper reproduction of music with time and phase correct design  

8 Ohms, 60 W, sensitivity = 90 dB  

Net weight/size: 30 lbs at 19 x 13 1/2 x 10" each  

Pepper-pot holes are perfect (important for connoisseur)  

T145 like clean power and can be used as studio monitors, like JBL Pro  

Great where larger Cheviot or Berkeley will not fit; same sound quality  

Exceptionally musical performance when driven by proper amp  

(Vintage, hi-end Marantz, Sansui, Pioneer etc. recommended)