Linn Keltik Aktivlautsprecher


Die damaligen Referenz Lautsprecher von Linn. Die Keltik ist auch heute noch ein fantastischer Aktiv - Lautsprecher mit einem ausgezeichnetem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis!


Die Linn Keltik Lautsprecher sind sehr gepflegt und funktionieren einwandfrei.


Es ist der aktuellste Hochtöner verbaut!



2.200,00 €

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Weiterführende Informationen:


Keltik Loudspeaker Technical Information

Type Three-Way Active, Isobarik Loading

Ceramic coated tweeter, accurate midrange driver & Isobarik bass system*

Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz -/+ 1db

Weight & Dimensions

Width 320mm

Depth 370mm

Height 1037mm

Weight: 52Kg each

Input Impedance 8 ohms nominal per drive unit

* In 1974, Linn patented the Isobarik bass system, which was first used in the Linn Isobarik loudspeaker. This

method of loading employs a second bass driver located inside the cabinet. A small sealed enclosure couples this

hidden drive unit to the bass driver mounted on the front baffle. Because these drivers work in phase with each

other, the air pressure in the small enclosure between the drivers remains nearly constant (hence the name

Isobarik). The primary bass driver, seeing less change in back pressure, behaves as if it were in a significantly

larger box. The technique of Isobarik loading gives an extended and tightly controlled bass response.

Keltik Aktiv Crossover Technical Information

Type Three way active crossover driving three or four stereo power amplifiers

(one or two amplifiers can be used to drive bass)

Electronic low frequency response extension

Weight & Dimensions

Width 320mm

Depth 326mm

Height 80mm

Weight 4KG


Input Impedance 5Kohm

Output impedance 60ohms


On axis frequency response +/- 1dB 20Hz – 20KHz

Recommended Amplifier Power 70W per channel minimum

300W per channel maximum


Treble adjustment 0 to +6dB at 0.5dB steps

Bass Adjustment -6 to +6dB at 1dB steps

Factory setting – Treble -3dB

Factory setting – Bass 0dB